Atlantis (New 2012)

Atlantis is a little city with detailled facades, that means quite a high polygonal map. It is composed of 17 different building facades randomnly generated thru the map.

Atzara (2011)

Atzara is an extracted real road track from GE. It's a fast & bumpy circuit which will amaze you !

Avernaz (2011)

Avernaz is also an extracted real track from GE. The road is narrower than Atzara, so you need to pay more attention when racing. Quite enjoyable track !

Freehand (2011)

Freehand, one of the most amazing track ever created. More than 43 km of asphalt to drift, that is the original purpose of it. Enjoy the freedom !

Kinura (New 2012)

Kinura, a challenging track for racing cars. The road is wide enough to risk some dangerous driving ops.

Lil Lake (2010 )

Lil Lake is my 1st track created for Racer. The simple & smooth road makes it a good & fast testing track for all new created cars.

Mystical Circles (New 2012)

Mystical Circles, maybe 1 of the most purest geometrical tracks made only with perfect circles. The city has large roads & some perfect embedded loops where you can just unleash all your car power & feel the sensation driving + 300km/h in fast curves.

Nishu (New 2012)

Nishu is simple, short but enduring. You have some nice curves to negotiate. The G-Forces can be quite high & most pilots will surely enjoy this challenging track.

Orska (New 2012)

Orska is a real nice track where you'll probably experience cool drifting & nice steering wheel sensations. The curves are challenging & different in speeds, so most drivers will find their happiness.

UV City (New 2012)

UV City is 1 of my first procedural tracks, that means scriptually programmed. It's a short & nice tesselated curvy circuit inside a tiny city.

Yumba (New 2012)

Yumba is a large circuit where you have enough space to race & do some other funny stunts...